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Damen Shipyards delivers Hybrid Crane Vessel 1804 to Amsterdam’s Waternet

Crane Vessel 1804 WN25

Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld has delivered a Damen Crane Vessel 1804 WN25 to the “bagger en drijfvuil” (dredging and floating debris) department of Waternet Amsterdam, the organization responsible to delivering fresh water and associated management services to 1.3 million people in and around Amsterdam. The 18-metre vessel is equipped to undertake a range of roles including detecting and removing rubbish and abandoned derelict boats, as well as towing and pushing barges when required.

Designated the WN25, the Crane Barge has been adapted to meet Waternet’s exact requirements. Its hull shape has been modified to reduce the suction effect when sailing close to the side of a channel and through bridges. To minimise emissions, it has a hybrid propulsion system with lithium ion batteries installed in a dedicated air-conditioned section of the vessel, charged by an EU Stage 5 certificated engine. With a capacity of 138kwh (108kwh DOD) the batteries deliver a maximum speed of 8 knots and a range of 3.5 hours at 6.5 knots, plus a bollard pull of 2.1 tonnes. In addition, the wheelhouse has been redesigned, allowing it to be dropped in order to minimise the air draught and both it and the accommodation are also air-conditioned.

“While Waternet was already an existing customer of Damen Shipyards, having bought some Damen Patrol Vessels over the years, this latest contract was awarded to us via a European tender process that pitched our proposal against those from other leading shipbuilders,” said Jeroen van Woerkum, commercial manager at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld. “We were of course delighted with the outcome.”

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