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Holland Shipyards Group delivers fully electric ferry ‘Sandøy’ to Brevik Fergeselskap IKS

Fully electric ferry ‘Sandøy’.

On Thursday, July 1, Holland Shipyards Group officially handed over the new build, fully electric ferry ‘Sandøy’ to Brevik Fergeselskap. The vessel will operate within the waters of Eidangerfjorden, Norway, connecting Brevik with Sandøya and Bjørkøya.

The ‘Sandøy’ is a fully electric ferry measuring 42 m long and 11 m wide and has the capacity to transport 98 persons and 16 vehicles (cars). The vessel is completely emission-free and entirely powered by battery power with an installed capacity of 1.300 kWh. The ‘Sandøy’ will be charged by means of a 600 kW shore charging facility, mostly during night.
Of all vessels, ferries do lend themselves ideally for electrification of that sort, since the operating area is extremely predictable, and charging facilities are relatively easily accessible.

“It has been an extraordinary year, in which we as owners haven’t been able to travel due to the global COVID restrictions. Building a vessel while not being able to be physically present during the building, can be quite challenging. However, it absolutely dit not affect the trust, or the great cooperation with Holland Shipyards Group. We are very happy with the quality of the vessel and the cooperation, and are looking forward to seeing the ‘Sandøy’ sailing in the Eidangerfjorden!”
– Borgar Slørdal, Brevik Fergeselskap IKS

Holland Shipyards Group is committed to work towards a greener future for the maritime industry. Since the start of our green mission in 2010, we have learned the intricacies of building sustainable vessels that are perfectly optimised for their application. The fully electric ‘Sandøy’ definitely is a beautiful result of years of gaining experience with building sustainable vessels.
The building of ‘Sandøy’ has, despite turmoil in the world, been an absolute pleasure and we thank Brevik Fergeselkap for the pleasant cooperation.

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